Lake Rowallan

Located in North-West Tasmania, in the Mersey State Forest. Lake Rowallan is a Hydro Tasmania lake, dammed in 1971.

The Lake is a 55 minute drive south of Mole Creek. The majority of the road is sealed apart from the last few kilometres before the dam wall.

The Lake has numerous camping spot scattered around it, with the majority of them being 4wd access only and not somewhere I would recommend towing a caravan.

The area is definitely more suited to camper trailers, swags and roof top tents, but there are a hand full of spots that you could pitch a tent at.

For me, I picked a spot on the western side of the lake. I followed a gravel road along side the lake which soon turns into an easy going 4wd track. After poking my nose down a few side track, I found a great camping spot. Relativity sheltered and big enough to fit all our set ups, so we called it home for the night.

You’ll be happy to know there’s no shortage of fire wood in the area and you’ll only find yourself wondering a few minutes from camp to find some. I do always recommended carrying some firewood on board with you, just in case you’re ever in the situation where you can’t find any laying around, because is it really camping without a fire?

The lake does have a boat ramp on the eastern side just past the dam wall, but everyone that I saw (including us) were just launching their boats at their camp sites. The lake has a very good reputation for fishing, with it being stock full of brown and rainbow trout. You do need to hold an inland angling license if you intend to fish there, which can be obtained through Inland Fisheries Service.

While exploring around the western side of the lake I came across an awesome waterfall. The 4wd track that follows the edge of the lake led me straight past it, It was only by mistake that I heard the noise of water crashing and went for a quick look.

The waterfall is roughly 20m off the track and it’s rather easy to spot. I was lucky enough to see this waterfall after a decent amount of rain the day before, but in summer time it does dry right up unfortunately.

After talking to some locals about it, I found out that it’s unnamed waterfall. But, they do refer to it as the ‘Old House Creek Falls, as that’s the small river that flows down it.

The area offers heaps of 4wding, whether you want to explore one of the near by tracks like Borradaile Plains or Patons Road, or just head off exploring one of the many forestry tracks.

My advice… Check out Borradaile Plains 4wd track in winter after a snow fall. The scenery is beautiful, you’ll feel like you’re in another world.

For those people that like to check in with loved ones at home, or even surf the web while camping, the area does have very little phone reception.  But, sometimes being completely cut off from the rest of the world is exactly whats needed.

So, If you’re looking for somewhere to head away for the weekend to do some 4wding, fishing and camping, Lake Rowallan has you covered. Whether you’re heading away with the boys for a rowdy weekend or taking the whole family for a relaxing trip, it sure is suited for everyone. The best part, you can also bring you’re four legged friends along for the ride.


Until next time… Cya

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