Stanhope Coal Mine


Just the other day, I had some free time on my hands.  So as usual, I jumped in the Suzuki and headed off exploring.

With no actual destination in mind, I headed towards the East Coast of Tasmania and ended up stumbling upon the old Stanhope Coal Mine just a short drive out of Avoca.




I drove around the mine site for a while and ended up finding an old track that lead me right down to the bottom.  I took this as my opportunity to pull up the Suzuki and head off on foot.



I spent a great deal of time looking at the main structure and really getting an idea of how it all worked back in the day.  Apart from the inside that has collapsed, it all looks fairly stable. It’s still even partly full of coal.



I headed on up the hill and followed an old cart track right back to the under ground mine entrance.  Part of the the entrance has collapsed and it didn’t look stable enough to even consider venturing inside.

I continued looking around and found an old shed partly fallen down, I believe it once was a maintenance shed going by the things hidden under the timber.


I came across other structures, mining entrances and equipment hidden in different parts of the bush and I’m sure I would’ve found more if I kept on exploring.

I’ve spent some time researching the mine, but have found very little results unfortunately.



I’d highly recommend everyone to go and check out the old Stanhope Coal Mine, but please be respectful.  I’d hate for this awesome part of history to be damaged in anyway.





Once you arrive in the main street of Avoca, Tasmania, turn down Story’s Creek Road and head towards Ben Lomond.  Continue down Story’s Creek Road for roughly 5 minutes and you’ll see a left hand turn onto Stanhope Road, turn up there.  Continue up Stanhope Road for roughly 5 minutes and you’ll arrive directly in the middle of the mining area.

The last 50-100 meters of the gravel road is rather rough, if in a low 2wd car it may be best to park and walk.



2 Comments on “Stanhope Coal Mine

  1. Cool story. I remember going there in the late 90’s and the old owner was still mining there and selling coal.


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