Wyniford Weir 4wd Track

Like most people in the 4wd community, Matthew and Myself headed away over the Easter long weekend.  With no exact location in mind, we headed North-East and ended up at an old favourite of mine…. The Weir Track.

Ford River, looking towards the start of the Weir Track.

I had done this track twice previously, so I knew the type of terrain we would be driving… rock, rock and more rock!  But I will admit now, that the tracks definitely alot more washed out than it was 12 months ago.  So keep that in mind if you’re returning.

Once arriving at the Ford River, we both lowered our tyre pressures, locked the hubs and began the track.

Not long after crossing the river we got to the first fun part.  Now, photos never do justice, but I’ve seen 4wd’s attempt this section for ages with no success.  Pick the right line and you’ll be fine.



After both choosing completely different line’s, we passed our first rock step and continued up the track.  From here on, the track only gets more difficult and there’s very few places to turn around, just keep that in mind.


After a few more rock sections we reached my favourite part of the whole track and the most difficult.  This is where I’ve seen and heard of alot of damage being done to 4wds, so if that doesn’t get you’re blood pumping, I don’t know what will.

Both previous times I’ve taken what I thought was the easy line, kept to the right and avoided the big rock step up.  This time I decided it was about time I try going up the rock step (It is taller than me..).


1st gear low range and the Suzuki just crawled up there…. but watch the right hand dip at the top, it lays you right over as I found out.


After driving directly into the dip and feeling both passenger side wheels coming off the ground, I made a split second call and drove down with the motion and manged to get all wheels back on the ground.

That’s when I decided it was winch time.


In successfully avoiding a roll over, I had gotten the Suzuki in to a position where if I drove forward, the force of gravity would only destroy my drivers side door seal on a big rock.  Maybe I should take a note out of Matt’s book and fit some rock sliders, like the Cruiser has…

Out came “The Boss Winch”, from Ozoffroad!  And might I add, this was my first time using it (other than the testing after fitting).  I set up a double line pull to the left of me and shifted the weight off the drivers side and pulled myself up out of the dip.  Having the winch on my Suzuki saved alot of panel damage from happening, why didn’t I fit one sooner?


After packing the gear away, we continued on up the track.  It really was just rock steps after rock steps.  It continued that way until we reach the top of the hill and the track flatted out.

Shortly after we reach the second and last river crossing on the track.  Today the river was only knee deep, but last time I came up the it was to high and flowing to fast for me to even attempt taking the Suzuki through.

After we crossed the river the rest of the track to the Weir was fairly easy, but we took it slow and checked out some of the water races just off the edge of the track on both sides.


We finally reach the end of the 4wd section of the track and had reached the Wyniford Weir.  The track does continue on to Blue Tier, but only by foot or bike.

We parked the 4wd’s in the big open grass section and walked 5 minutes down the track to the Weir.


I’d highly recommend everyone taking the short walk down and checking it out.  The walking track leads you right down and across the top of the old water race, that’s still in use today.


The track took us roughly 3 hours to get to the top and just over 2 hours to come back down.  While it’s not a super long track, it would take some time to get a group of 4wds through.  I have gone through with different numbers of 4wd’s in the past, but found it best with just 2, but I wouldn’t recommend anymore than 5.

I would rate the track as hard, just based off my experience.  I wouldn’t recommend bringing a total beginner to this track or a stock 4wd , it really is the type of terrain that’s all about picking the right lines and having the right amount of clearance.


Have you done this track before?  Let me know if you have and what you thought of it.  If you’re planning on doing it in the future, share you’re photos with me when you do.


Getting There


Located in Weldborough, In North-East Tasmania.

Find you’re way to the tiny town of Moorina, and turn off the main highway onto Frome Road (right opposite the golf course).  Continue the whole way along Frome Road for roughly 15 minutes.  Towards the end of Frome Road you’ll pass a freshly logged area on the right.  As you reach the end of the logged area you’ll see a track that narrows and goes straight ahead into the bush, that’s the beginning of the track.  The track that goes right and follows beside the logging area is Emu Road 4wd Track and is worth doing on the way out, it leads you right into Weldborough.


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