Tayene Bush Camping

I’m the type of person that loves camping, no matter where I end up. But at the end of the day, I love nothing more than good old bush camping. The type of camping where you have no phone service, no shower blocks, no nearby shop’s and nobody else around. That’s why I was pretty happy when I found this amazing camping spot in  North-East Tasmania.


The camping area is definitely more suited for swag type camping, but there are a couple of spots where you could pitch a medium sized tent if you wanted. The majority of the area is grass and relatively flat, making it the perfect base to set up camp.


Ideally it’s suited for up to 5 vehicles, but I wouldn’t suggest bringing camper trailers, as there just isn’t the room to fold out larger setups.



You need to be fully self sufficient if you plan on camping here. There’s no fancy toilets, no power and no phone service. So double check you’ve packed everything you need and just remember…. If you can take it in, you can take it back out with you.


The camping area sits right on the side of the St Patrick’s River and if you’re into fishing, make sure you pack your gear, because I spotted heaps of trout swimming about! Keep an eye out around the old washed out bridge, I spotted a rather large one hiding there.


The best and easiest way to find this cracker of a spot is by using a GPS, Hema, Google Maps or similar device. Or you could just drive around the bush for hours like I did and hope you’ll find something. But who wants to waste time doing that, when you could be sitting back around the camp fire drinking cans.


The camping spot is located down Knights Road, Tayene, TAS. You will need to come in on the west end of the road, as the bridge over St Patrick’s River has been washed out by flood waters. Once on Knights Road, drive 1 km down the road and you will reach the washed out bridge. Directly to your right is the camping spot, tucked away in the bush. I have heard word of a few other similar spots to this along the St Patrick’s River and I’d have no doubt that if you took one of the other gravel roads in the area you’d have no trouble finding one.


So if you’re in the area or simply looking for an awesome camping spot for your next trip away, make sure you check this place out. Who know’s, you may even run into me here.


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