Evercreech Forest Reserve

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Evercreech Forest Reserve, In North-East Tasmania. This place is definitely one of Tasmania’s hidden gems, I’d easily rate it one of the most beautiful reserves I have seen in Tasmania.

The reserve is only a short drive from Mathinna, on an unsealed road. I traveled in a 2wd vehicle and even after the recent floods, I found the road suitable for any form of transport. Just keep an eye out for the occasional pot hole and wildlife.


Upon arriving at the reserve I decided to start off with the Evercreech Falls loop walk, which is listed as a 40 minute return, having said that I probably took close to 2 hours instead.

The walk to the waterfall follows along side the Evercreech Rivulet, winding its way among man ferns, moss and fungus. The track is narrow, steep in places and slippery after a recent rainfall. I would recommend sturdy, closed in shoes.


After a short but steep up hill climb, I reached the waterfall. It flows roughly 7 meters down a rock face into a shallow pool, covered by logs that have washed down over time. The rock face is covered in moss, with over hanging ferns, making it a very magical and relaxing place.


After spending 30 minutes photographing the waterfall I back tracked 100 meters and continued on with the loop track. While I rather enjoyed the experience of doing the loop track, if I visited in winter time again, I would head back along the track I followed in. But on this visit I continued down the loop track, where it took me down on the edge of the Evercreech Rivulet.


This is where you must walk through the river  guided with a rope, which is attached on either side by metal poles. Now while it wasn’t overly deep (Just under knee height) it was extremely cold and slippery. But once I reached the other side and had my socks and shoes back on, I rated it a good experience.


The remainder of the loop track lead me through a much dryer forest area and after 5 minutes of walking it brought me back out into the car park and picnic area.


Next I headed down the White Gums Walk, to see the “White Knights”. The walk is very relaxed and short, after a few minutes of walking I reached the viewing platform. Standing at over 90 meters, I was completely blown away by the size of these gum trees. They are said to be the tallest White Gum trees in the world!

The White Gums Walk is a must do if your in the area, you can’t imagine their size unless you see them in person. You can continue the walk, which leads you to another viewing platform higher up, but for me it was getting a little late in the day.


The picnic area has under cover gas barbecue’s, an under cover seating area, with an open fire at the back of the room and several picnic tables on the lawn area with wood fire barbecues beside them. There are also men’s and women’s toilets.


If you love the outdoors, waterfalls, exploring and taking photos, this place is for you. The reserve is dog friendly, so you can bring the whole family along, explore the area and stop for a barbecue at the end.


Special thanks to Nicole for showing me this wonderful place.

One Comment on “Evercreech Forest Reserve

  1. Great work have just red a couple of your blogs and it’s given me a few more areas to check out. Tassie has a lot to offer its just a matter of finding it. We love the place has some of the most spectacular sites around


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